About the Book

About The Royal Rungle Wedding

Logan began his sequel to Rungle in the Jungle because of a question asked him by a high school girlfriend ~ she wanted to know why Jessica the Giraffe had seemingly disappeared from the narrative of the story toward the end of the book. She was nowhere to be found, while the two heroes, Joshua the Jaguar and Timmy the Tiger, finished by winning the race. This motivated Logan to give prominence to Jessica the Giraffe, by giving her a full platform to dream of being a bride.

As the night-time story teller for his small children, Logan created Rungle in the Jungle using their names for the main characters; Jessica the Giraffe, Joshua the Jaguar, and Timmy the Tiger. After twenty years and several failed attempts, Logan met Rachel McCoy, whose charming and colorful illustrations brought Logan's characters to life.

About The Royal Rungle Wedding

The Royal Rungle Wedding

Jessica always loved to dream!
Serving coffee... laced with cream!

In her mind... she would hide!
Dreaming that she... would be a bride!

What kind of bride... would she make?
Would she need.. a very long tall cake?

Guests could throw out... all the wedding rice!
Doing rehearsals once... or maybe even twice

Who would come... or who to invite?
At what time would it be... daytime or night?

What time of year... would be the best?
Could she find... the time to get rest?

So many decisions would she... just have to make!
Who would she just marry... John or just Jake?

Where would she meet... the guy of her dreams?
In the deep forest... or along by the streams?

Her dress could be fancy.. with frolicking lace!
A pure velvet white veil... to cover her face!

Her ring just would sparkle... and brilliantly shine!
Making her day a creative... event by design!

So much to plan... and so much to do!!!
All of this fret... might just make her blue!

With decisions galore..  and many to make!
How about wedding pictures.. down by the lake

Would she get nervous... getting things right!
Forget what to do... if her memory took flight

Perhaps it's easier... to run and elope!
Marry a guy named... Allen the Antelope!

Can a giraffe... marry out of her kind?
Creating a scandal... and making a bind?

What would they think... if children were born?
A giraffelope perhaps...would bring on such scorn!!!

Cute they would be... with long necks they'd prance!
Walking together.. with their own special dance!

All of the neighbors... would smile with such joy!
If one was a girl.   and the other a boy!!!

Their children would be... as unique as the clouds!!!
Lots of giraffelopes... would make up the crowds

The sounds they would make... would turn many heads!!
Causing the sleepy... to arouse from their beds!!

Yet why care today... about tomorrows concern?
None of this worry...would help her to learn!

With challenges galore... and not everything clear!
Perhaps staying single... would help her to hear

Just make it simple... by living alone!
Plenty to do... by answering the phone!

But what if her friends... threw her a shower?
And told her to be ready... in under an hour?

And Allen was set...to jump in a carriage!
A top hat just on... for an old fashioned marriage!

Would she be ready... with hardly a plan?
Married by a turtle.. some they called Sam!

No thought or concern.. to bother her brain!
It would happen... regardless of sunshine or rain!

Jessica's dreams... were half of her time!
To waist them might be... some kind of a crime!

She often discovered... a dream was as good?
As her heart would just let her... do what she could!

She made up her mind... to hug all her dreams!!!
And never forget.. to shout out with screams!

She never would let... the plans that she made!
Test her resolve... to stop her parade!!!

The word in the wind... for her to decide!
Was that Jessica would be... a giraffe of a bride!!!

Dream each day... and never stop trying!
Or milk on the floor...will start you a crying!

Like a river that flows...and changes its course!
Keep riding your dreams... on a galloping horse!

If your challenge to dream... just hits a wall? 
Dial up another... like a giraffe that is tall!!!

Over and over... you can dream with no end!
Like reaching for stars... behind every bend!!!

Perhaps you can identify... with Jessica the giraffe!
Or maybe this... story has gotten a laugh?

Whatever you dream... is alright you see!!!
Just open the door... as you imagine the key!

Be sure and place it... in the key hole of choice!
So that you can discover... your own hidden voice!!!


The Royal Rungle Wedding